The best mobile games coming 2020 you should keep an eye on


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2020 is here! New Year brings new and upcoming mobile games to look forward to! Mobile gaming platforms are getting stronger, blurring the lines between PC / console titles and what a pocketable device can actually run. Indeed, last year we saw a lot of games that made us think and with new mobile technology constantly appearing every year, there will certainly be new games that will take advantage of this and will push the boundaries. The world of what mobile gaming is like.

Here we look at the upcoming mobile MMORPG titles scheduled for release in 2020. This list includes some of the gaming community’s most anticipated titles.

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1.Diablo: The
controversial Immortal Diablo Immortal has a mixed bag of people who hate and totally willing to play the game, waiting for it to launch, although the hate it received was due to high expectations. which Diablo IV will be announced at the previous Blizzcon 2018 event and the fact that Western regions have not fully accepted mobile gaming like Asia. After it was announced, the updates on the game were silenced until it reappeared in Blizzcon 2019 with tons of updates including many previously playable characters, dungeons and maps, see Advance skill set and more.

Co-developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Netease Games, Diablo Immortal is the mobile version of the highly acclaimed Diablo PC RPG role-playing brand. Set in the events of Diablo 2 and 3, players will begin a dark and epic journey through a devastated world that deprives the World Stone. Those who refuse hell are still on a large scale and a new threat commanding their legions has emerged. It is up to you to choose your class and stop the evil. In essence, the immortal Diablo will live up to the source of the dungeon crawl but will focus more on cooperating and conquering stages with your friends and other players. A Netease representative said the game was pretty much over and Blizzard was the only one who was still hesitant to release it. Probably because they want to polish the game as much as possible. Blizzard, after all, hasn’t had a date when Diablo Immortal debuted but is expected to release sometime in 2020.

2.Naruto Slugfest
Many games have been released based on the famous Naruto franchise, but this game took the cake as the first truly open world 3D mobile MMORPG based on the hit manga / anime by Masashi Kishimoto , Naruto and the sequel Naruto Shippuden. Published by Cubinet, the game in the Shinobi world where players can live with the dream of becoming a ninja. Unlike other anime-based mobile games, Naruto: Slugfest will allow you to create your very own character and career including Berserker, Geisha, Archer and Assassin. You can also choose an elemental attribute to master and even summon your favorite characters from the series to help you overcome many quests.

  • Naruto: The Slugfest graphics and aesthetics were created using advanced animation rendering technology to give the game a truly unique gaming experience. It also includes light and dark effects, day and night cycles and weather changes that allow players to experience a dynamic open world. The game offers a variety of modes, from solo quests, challenging challenges, one of ninja competitions, guild battles with guilds, multiplayer and many other games. There is also a guild / guild system where you can make friends and the disciple system allows you to learn your apprenticeship to teach and find your employer to learn from.
  • Naruto: Slugfest is currently running in closed Beta Testing, but participants are currently limited to those who can get access codes. No worries though the game is expected to launch in early 2020, so you won’t need to wait long. Pre-registration for OBT is still ongoing, so be sure to register now to play the great game when it officially launches.

3.World of Dragon Nest Dragon’s
jump from the dungeon crawling genre to the open world MMO scene has received mixed reviews, however, without a doubt, very Many players are waiting for it to launch and are eager to return to the world of Lagendia.

Like we mentioned above, WoDN is currently a fully open-world MMO, for the first time in the franchise. Players will be able to choose a class and, finally, gender because there is no longer a gender lock in the game. A new addition to businesses is the dual system where you can switch between the two industries. Do you want to be an offensive warrior as well as support in times of need? Now you can. Just switch your weapons and skills with the click of a button. This makes the game more flexible and opens new doors for test players.

World of Dragon Nest will still retain many of its original DN features such as PvE monsters, dungeon raids, Nest hunting, PvP arenas and guild wars. The only difference now is that players will be able to explore more, see more and explore the world of Lagendia instead of being stuck in a dungeon, not seeing what is outside those walls. of Dragon Nest will be published by Nexon and set to launch on January 8, 2020.

4.Ragnarok Franchise
If you’ve followed the news of mobile games at the end, you should now know that Gravity, the parent company of Ragnarok Online has several upcoming Ragnarok themed games, some of which directly from them and others licensed from other publishers. And there are a few of them. The market is currently too saturated by too many RO games for a hobby of a gamer. We will consider the upcoming 3 MMOs really desirable.

Ragnarok M: First Love (CN) – Tencent’s own version of Ragnarok Online and one that is highly anticipated by RO fans Since then, one of its Tencent, and two that are supposed to tournament better than Eternal shows love in terms of overall graphics, aesthetics, gameplay, performance and player support. The characters have more chibi than the original RO but it doesn’t lose the iconic designs that everyone knows. It will also have a 360 ° open world, dynamic lighting effects and weather systems. The game has undergone several CBTs in China and is currently scheduled to launch in 2020 although there is no specific date.

Ragnarok Origin (KR) – Another mobile MMO from Gravity advertised as a true revival of RO Online, now produced with newer technology the company has dealt with. In addition to newer 3D graphics, Origins will have a larger and wider map as well as additional Life systems including fishing, mining, gardening and more. Ragnarok Origin was revealed in G-Star 2019 but the release date has never been announced. Hopefully, we’ll see it launch in 2020.

New Generation Ragnarok (CN) – Published by Dream, this is another RO mobile ROO that basically looks like the other two versions but is more similar to Tencent’s version in terms of aesthetics. ROM: New Gen will retain the classic core elements of PC Ragnarok MMO and will have original features such as work class systems, party systems, markets, items and more. There is no news on the global version yet but we may hear something about it by 2020.

5.Eternal – “Project Eternal”
Formerly known as Project Eternal, this mobile MMO is arguably the ultimate culmination of Asobimo’s life in creating the best mobile MMO titles we’ve ever had. seen in the last decade. Favorite Japanese game developers are responsible for popular titles like Avabel, Iruna, Toram, Isanagi, Stellacept, and many others. If you’ve played at least one or two of their famous titles, you’ll know just how good they are.

Like its predecessors, Eternal will be a highly imaginative mobile MMO game, apparently, created with Unreal Engine 4, a first for Asobimo games. The legendary Yoshitaka Amano, the artist behind the beloved Final Fantasy Artwork, is overseeing the game’s visual design from the characters appearing right away to the various monsters you’ll meet in Eternal.

Eternal is currently available in Japan. Asobimo is famous for releasing most of their games globally and we are pretty sure Eternal will be big success once it succeeds. The only question now is when.

6.Warhammer: Odyssey
Warhammer: Odyssey is a 3D mobile MMORPG expected to appear on Android and iOS devices, supposedly in 2020. Players will be able to explore iconic locations. of Warhammer Fantasy World. The plot of the game revolves around Morrslieb, the chaotic Moon growing bigger in the sky of the old world. Under its influence, apocalyptic haunts the streets of the city and evil creatures will see the race of fallen men become more daring. But everything is not necessarily lost! The mighty heroes against darkness and Chaos who threaten the world once again come together, honoring treaties and you, as a player, are one of them.

Warhammer fans are accustomed to seeing franchises address a future world, but this game will explore some time before all the mumbo jumbo scientists. The game doesn’t have an official release date, but their official social media site is really active in posting updates and previews of what’s going on in the development aspect, which fans and players eagerly appreciate. Right now they’re showing previews for playable classes like high-class wizards, warrior priests, engineers, shadow warriors, killers, witches and hunters. The developers promise that Warhammer: Odyssey will be constantly evolving and expanded through regular updates.

7.Dragon Nest 2 (Tencent Games)
Advertised as a direct sequel to the original Dragon Nest, DN2 will be published by trusted Tencent. Although the sequel, the game will be true to the original formula that made the business successful, but with new innovations and additional game features consistent with the current mobile gaming trend. Like World of Dragon Nest, the game will be an open world, instead of a dungeon collecting tool.

Characters and classes in the game will retain their original designs while the battle system will have a new twist that will be optimized for mobile. Tencent is proud that they will have very flexible input feedback. Familiar bosses will also return in the sequel including Hell Dog, Griffin, Apocalypse Lair and Dragon Cave. And in the aesthetic department, there will be dynamic lighting effects, the weather system, and a day and night cycle, and more. Currently, Dragon Nest 2 has no official but scheduled launch date. Will be released for both Android and iOS around 2020.

ReEvolve is a new Tencent sandbox mobile MMORPG and Perfect World Games. The game will take players back in time to save a future where humanity has collapsed due to their own greed, along with demons and other horrific threats that appear at the same time, the world has almost been destroy.

Rebirths will see players create their own characters, customize their appearance, start a career, statistic and then go back in time to repair the past, creating a new world. and help others survive along the way. The game is set in a world devastated by a lethal virus and mysterious demons appear to forage in the world. In the game, you can choose one of two factions: Shepherd, an organization to fix the past and create a new, brighter history, or Piper, with the goal of destroying everything with guns MPD, a weapon that can absorb everything and shape the past. Players will be able to create their own equipment, create their own base, collect pets and mounts, build farms, make new friends and explore the world. ReEvolve basically plays like an animated version of Rust. If you really like MMO sandbox making.

9.Dekaron Mobile ThumbAge
publisher, who is behind DC: Unchained announced last year that the classic PC MMORPG, Dekaron will be adapted on mobile devices. Set in the world of Trieste, there are many sentient beings who have been in constant battle with each other until an evil threat engulfs the world and destroys everything regardless of race. clan. This is an alliance formed to address threats. An alliance that players will become part of.

The original Dekaron PC didn’t have much going on for it to admit. It’s a generic open world MMORPG where you will choose your class, complete quests and reach the finish level, and hunt for better and more powerful devices. But the lack of back features is not all that bad because the game has made up by adding so many different and very unique classes that can be customized according to your own play style, mounting system, You can tame pets, unique upgrade systems and different PvP modes like colosseum arena, DK square and Siege. The biggest thing here is that it will be portable. This means that mobile-focused game features will most likely be added to the game to make it more interesting and interesting. Tekaron Mobile could be released in 2020,

10.Tera Origin
Tera Origin is the fourth mobile IP game released under the Tera franchise (the remaining 3 are Tera Origin, Tera M and Tera Classic). It was a direct successor to Netmarble’s Tera M, released in South Korea and then forced to stop the service due to the backlash from players primarily because it was heavy on micro transactions. So heavy that many players give up in the first few months leaving only heavy consumers, which is not surprising to the gaming community. Suffice it to say, it has become one of the warning stories for game publishers, not following in their footsteps and making a lot of money from a mobile game. Tera Origin seeks to fix those mistakes, eliminate some of those heavy monetization, and make the game more friendly to F2P. The game is currently being released in Japan. If all goes well,

Like any MMORPG, you will choose a class and venture into the world of Tera. The main attraction of the game is the Raven system where you can contract with the guardians, who act as your partner on your adventure. These guardians will provide you with special buffs that will increase your stats as well as give you access to various features the same way Black Spirit operates from Black Desert Mobile. The game will be released globally but we may get updates by 2020.

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