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PC games are a cherished relic of the late 20th and early 2000s. Although PC games are still popular among the gaming world, video games belong to most PC games. Replaces top entertainment games for everyday gamers, thanks to the many gaming consoles available, from Xbox One to Nintendo Switch until recently PlayStation 5.

But for gamers who have played PC (or may still be current PC gamers), nothing can replace the magic of the favorite classic PC games. Games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Total War series, Dota 2 and many games from the Grand Theft Auto universe play well on PC and are still loved by many gamers. Whether you love a strategy game, an action adventure game, or goal-based games, many PC games have something for everyone to try and experience magic.

Weapon-based strategy game or first-person shooter game, or based on weapons, committed PC games or newcomers to the PC game world, read the 14 best PC games of all time .

Half -Life 2 “Half-Life 2 is, just put, the best single-player shooter ever released for PC,” Dan Adams wrote to IGN in 2004. He wasn’t a critic. jar only raving about it, either; Indeed, Half-Life 2 has been awarded 39 separate games of the year, showing that, yes, it is definitely one of the best PC games ever made.

But why is it so welcomed? It started with the Half-Life 2 platform, the Source game engine created specifically by the game developer, Valve Corporation, giving gamers a high-resolution experience that is no match for the competition. contemporary paintings.

This game is not just beautiful packaging. The puzzles, mechanics and game environments provide unique and immersive gameplay, complemented by bendable physics simulations and the iconic Gravity Gun. In the meantime, players are involved in the exotic appeal of protagonist Gordon Freeman, who has become one of the most popular figures in video game history. Five years after the original Half-Life was released, its sequel showed gamers everywhere it was worth the wait; more than a decade after its launch, this game stands alone as the coolest PC game.

Doom’s influence was easy to hide for almost 26 years after its release, but anyway, it’s hard to say how much this game will affect the future of PC games. It paved the way for first-person shooters before they were even called first-person shooters; Instead, any game structured around firing your way through bad guys and vampires is simply known as a Doom Doom clone, until the term game shoot. First-person gun

The game holds. It’s not just Doom, though, the super violent approach has captivated millions of players. 3D graphics are ahead of their time, a powerful arsenal leading to hours of entertainment and multiplayer mode ensures that you don’t just play with yourself. Although this bloody masterpiece is not without controversy, including an unfortunate connection with Columbus’ mastermind, Eric Harris, it is impossible to trace the origins of today’s games without falling into Doom. .

3.Grand Theft Auto V
Since its launch, the Grand Theft Auto series has become the standard for open-ended exploration, allowing players to fully avoid social responsibility in the name of chaos, Virtual reckless. Rockstar always knows how to make a kick with this franchise, but the fifth main entry is a homerun. In the first three days of release in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V sold over $ 1 billion in products, surpassing the ambition of its own hardest crime lords by becoming a best-selling entertainment property. most ever.

In his game review, Polygon’s Chris Plante commented: The Grand Theft Auto 5 Achievement Card is its consistent quality. That’s what makes the feel of its world so reliable – there’s almost nothing that will pull you out of it. ”His praise was echoed by many critics who felt that. GTA V’s presentation and design make it as complete as any game so far; however, they also denounced poorly written, even misleading descriptions of women, as well as depictions of its torture. However, as long as you don’t get too lost beneath its dark background, Grand Theft Auto V surpasses its archived predecessors as the franchise’s most outstanding achievement.

Although just over three years old, Blizzard’s Overwatch has quickly become one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time, which is a legitimate sports movement by birth. Overwatch League, its first professional electronic sport. The tournament will support permanent Overwatch teams in cities like Seoul, Shanghai, New York and San Francisco.

Backed by sports tycoons like Robert Kraft, Jeff Wilpon and Andy Miller, OverwatchLeague has both financial support and fans to become a cultural force in the coming years. Undoubtedly, it is all thanks to the game’s engaging accessibility and online experience, complemented by a lineup of colorful characters that audiences instantly love.

Indeed, Blizzard probably did a great job of creating a cast of characters that gamers could get. In 2016, Pornhub reported that Overwatch became one of the most popular search terms of the year, seeing an 833 percent increase in searches within the 18-24 age demographic group. Sex, sports, entertainment: What’s next for this game?

5.Portal 2
There are doubts that the original Portal could be made into something bigger and better a second time, but when should I bet on Valve Corporation? When a venerable company once again proves to the platform puzzler, they only know how to create a damn good game. Portal 2’s collaboration mode is praised for being a simple way to spend time with friends, creating an unmatched collaborative experience. Building on the mechanics and gameplay of the original, the sequel also brings new characters, cruel humor and some top notch posts to complement the series’ official innovations.

Oli Welsh of Eurogamer especially emphasizes this quality in his review of the title: Portal is a series of great jokes, but Portal 2 is that rare beast, a real video game comedy. and is one of the funniest ever. many stores and organizations, including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, have named Portal 2 their game of the year.

Directed by Ken Levine, the first to make a name for himself with the System Shock series, the BioShock is a moral story encapsulated in an immersive game wrapped in a First-person shooter. However, somehow a Russian doll of a game pulled it away, though, creating an organ world that still lives in the minds of many gamers.

Definitely, very fun to play, looking so spectacular and easy to control, wrote Pete Metzger for the Los Angeles Times. But that’s what no game has done so far: It really makes you feel. “This is perhaps the best description of the game’s remarkable appeal: its artistry and ease of play is not just an easy pastime; instead, these choices are stories of life. even forces you to make you pause in the way few games have ever done.

7.The Elder Scrolls V
When playing games that evolved from static platforms like arcade machines and Atari, its dimensions expanded beyond the 2D limits of past systems to cover the entire world. . Playing open-world games makes video games as big as our imagination, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves into our favorite imagination for hours. In 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim became the model for this kind of immersive experience, boasting stunning environments, thrilling dungeons, and an addictive system of character development that you can completely lose yourself in.

Few games have been so unrestricted within their boundaries as to suggest another way to play them completely. It is Skyrim not defined by a storyline that you complete from beginning to end; instead, it’s more impressive for everything you can do instead of doing that. Spend hours dueling dragons, running from mountain to mountain, or beating the game, for anything that might make sense in this context. Either way, Skyrim is a game, because of its countless possibilities, which can quickly become a priority over your own life.

8.Kentucky Route Zero
In an era of abundance, it is refreshing to find anything that takes away the accumulation of modern life, and instead seduces us with a simpler approach, and the mystery hidden in it. Kentucky Route Zero, a magical click-and-click adventure game released in extras since 2013, has won the game world of this style, emerging as a true black horse. in the context of today’s entertainment. Its structure is almost obsolete, and does not exactly come with a sexy sales.

The Kentucky Route Zero is slow-paced, focusing on exploring new environments and talking to new people, the development team wrote on the game’s Kickstarter. But enough people, to be exact 205, felt intrigued by Its potential to throw the creators, Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy, enough money to get this project off the ground: just $ 8,583.

However, with a bit, Elliott and Kemenczy have done a lot of work, creating a series of four critically acclaimed actions throughout. It leaves the glamor and glamor of big-budget games aside to win your hearts over with free, moody and bizarre storytelling.

Stature plays a big role in Myst ‘s entry on this list; The adventure game was heralded, but not perfect, and the game reassessment, first released in 1993, was even less charitable in their criticism. In 2000, IGN went so far as to say that Myst was no longer worth playing, despite the fact that at the time, it was still the best-selling PC game ever.

So why is it so successful? Well, for many, Myst marked a turning point when gaming leveled up, when it was first considered entertaining for members of the age-old population drinking beer. Its presentation was great, and the original storytelling was received as new and original, even when it was weighed down by significant in-game hiccups.

So, even though he doesn’t have a particularly good age, Myst is synonymous with modern-day ambition to enhance the position of the game in the popular entertainment and cultural system. A line in a 1994 New York Times article specifically talks about the impact of this game: Wired Wired magazine, the bible of new technology, even thought it defined a new art form. , they noted. To Wired Credit, they were right; in 2013, Myst was added to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Minecraft may not attack you as one of the best PC games of all time, but it will stand out as one of the most important games. After all, this is the most successful PC game of all time and only behind Tetris is the best-selling video game, this period. So, even if the endless creative sandbox experience doesn’t get your fancy, it’s safe to say that it has been chewing the time of millions of Wannabe world builders across the globe.

Rarely has games ever become a phenomenon that spread to the level of Minecraft, as the game has created countless parodies, reveres, clones and tutorials on YouTube. It is the seed of creativity and discovery that has been cultivated in a generation of gamers, and its educational version, MinecraftEDU, has even legalized it as a new tool for classroom learning. Who needs Legos anymore?

Wattam assigns two full keyboard keys – Q and E – to make the characters hold hands, which will tell you a lot about how silly and adorable it is. Created by creator Katamari Keita Takahashi, it’s a charming, chaotic few hours for controlling a wide range of animated objects brought to life with awesome animations, from a toilet. Students can pick up and discharge anyone nearby onto a balloon that can drop friends to the sky. At the start, you control the mayor, a green cube with a bomb under his hat (when it explodes, it will do so with a kaboom of confetti, and everyone nearby falls. laugh), and as you play more and more characters come. You can control them one by one.

In this fun setting, you solve simple puzzles, such as stacking characters together to build a tower. Each challenge takes about 10 minutes, and then you fall into the next ridiculous scenario, the star of which is a walk. The controls may be difficult, but the colorful cast and music are more than make up for it.

12.Transport Fever 2
Some user interface issues can sometimes be frustrating, but in general, Transport Fever 2 is a relaxing, comfortable transportation sim for finding the most efficient way to move people and goods. between point A and point B. Its random map spans three different time periods, each time beautifully recognizable: you can zoom in to see a horse and cart crawling down a dusty road with a fat house, or a modern high-speed train pulls into a sprawling train station. You have the freedom to decide how to set up your transportation network, combining rail, road and air travel to provide the most efficient system. It’s in trade-offs management – speed to cost, reliability and design satisfaction – that Transport Fever 2 has a connection to you.

13.Shovel Knight
The last time in a long series of excellent Sh-Knight racking platforms, the King of Card lives up to its ancestors, with flexible movement and the ability to change the way you play. As the Card King (not a King, despite having a crown), you jump and pass a series of themed levels: they are shorter than usual, but have more and they have a lot of secrets, which Make it feel like a particularly generous item for the series.

You have a limited set of moves, but your abilities combine in interesting ways. A mid-air rotation allows you to bounce off enemies and objects to increase your height, but you can only spin after you carry another object. Then there is a logic to it, and pass a level is like a puzzle because it is a test of your agile fingers. The card minigame feels a bit awkward, but it can be a welcome respite from all the dance moves – and if you don’t like it, it’s completely optional after some early games.

14.Frog Detective 2
The sequel to Grace Bruxner The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game is more similar, and that’s exactly what we want. As a frog in a boring brown jumper, you walk around a small town trying to solve the mystery of the invisible witch, chatting with every citizen – a zebra, a rhino, a reindeer wearing glasses – to find out what they know. That, it turns out, is very little, but that’s okay: everything in Frog Detective 2 is designed to make you smile. The article has a great simplicity with it, and after each conversation, you record funny notes in your notebook. Seems tense – no hat, you write after talking to zebras. Oh my, I don’t have anyone either.

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