30 best video games in the 1990s


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We all know that MvC2 is organized in such a special and revered way, but this is a list of arcade games from the 90’s. That being said, it’s a great game and it’s not are on this list.

With a solid setup, let’s go down to what we all know are the best arcade games of the 90s. Your favorites might not be on this list, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Here, not every cabinet that falls in the ’90s is amazing. However, we guarantee that some of your favorites are definitely on this list.

1.Smash TV
A top-down action shooter that barely screeched in the ’90s. Graphics shouted in the mid-80s, Motley Crue tourist bus, but that didn’t make the game less fun. than. Damn it, it’s almost predictive in anticipation of the surveillance state invasion and the comprehensiveness of reality television coverage.

2.Area 51
Yes, it’s silly and ridiculous (we’re pretty sure the high explosive won’t just sit around a base to be shot), but blasting aliens to hell with a light gun is a The cornerstone of the gaming industry.

Graphics certainly don’t adhere to modern standards, but if we’ve ever seen one of these sad machines alone occupy the corner of a diving bar, we can’t help but get down to a small Kron Hunter.

3.Lethal Enforcers
if you don’t want to be shot, shouldn’t you stand up? Aside from finding a rejected flyer from a Cinemax after the dark film, the game isn’t very interesting.

This light gun beauty puts you in the hands of two law enforcement officers trying to stop crime on the average street. Dibs on the blue gun.

4.Gunblade NY
it’s a railroad shooter, but there’s a sense of motivation madness that almost makes you forget it. This massive Sega cabinet has you as a gunner in a helicopter as you walk through a futuristic city shooting down magnetic terrorists. Our arms are still trembling from this.

5.Primal Rage
The controls suck the butt (the hell holds the button and twist the joystick around to pull the combo), but there is no bigger fighting game in the arcade. The roar is thunder and very brutal blows.

In addition, it has a monkey farting, angry and grabbing special moves. What else could you want? Oh, which control really meets? Is not.

6.Cruis’n World
Cruis’n USA is awesome, but the sequel is even better. Another monstrous rig takes up valuable floor space on arcade floors, the sequel inhales at a rate quite similar to the first title. Tour the world with extreme cars and leave that announcer’s voice stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon. Be sure to tap the gas twice on the big jumps to surprise.

7.Virtua Cop 2
Reload! Reload! Virtua Cop 2 is like Lethal Enforcer, but with lower rents, ‘I just arrived in LA, my God, this is an erotic movie vibe. Sega knew what was back in the day. A lot of fun, we didn’t care about block graphics. Make sure you shoot off the screen to Reload! Reload!

8.Daytona USA
Daytoonaaaaaaa! Big rigs are best enjoyed with six other riders, each in their plastic shed, the car next to you. Daytona USA is a happy racing game. The downside is that the machine decides to give up your quarter and instead happily sniffs the dollar bill. Blue sky and empty wallet.

9.Crazy Taxi
Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya! Descendants will forever be associated with this racing game from Sega. We also want to record that The Offspring is a terrible band. Throwing physics, traditional music tracks and good music flavors out the window, Sega produces another classic arcade game. Unfortunately, we certainly had taxi driving experience like this in NY, unfortunately.

10.Sunset Riders
Capcom explains what the Wild West of America must be like during our westward expansion. Genocide of Native Americans has been abandoned for a number of reasons. Freak.

Sunset Riders is a running killer and gun title. Capcom shot you first and dodged the pink bullet afterwards. Cormano is our guy.

11.Terminator 2
exploding T-1000 into hell has never been this satisfying. The kick-back mechanism of machine guns is one of the many highlights of this quarter gobbler. With the heavy soundtrack of Guns N ‘Roses, this game helped define the arcade experience in the early 90’s. John Connor will be proud.

12.Virtua Fighter 2
A 3D fighter that has DOZENS of polygons. Sarcasm aside, it was pretty dope in the early 90’s. Virtua Fighter 2 is another Sega business that came back when they were still producing hardware. It has two new characters (we love us some Shun-Di), as well as fights faster and more accurately than the original.

13.Samurai Shodown 2 is
better than the original in every way, Samurai Showdown 2 is a respectable achievement of four SNK games back in the day. A 2D fighter that takes advantage of the explosion of Manga and Anime in the early 90s in the Western mainstream.

The ability to break your weapon in battle is also a nice touch.

There are two versions of this beat appearing in games. An awesome four-player cabinet, and an even more epic six-player stand up. Needless to say, it’s the six-player player we like to remember. The squad of Chris Claremont during Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, and of course, the players eventually stuck with Dazzler.

15.House of the Dead 2
One of the most ridiculous light shooters. Sega just said ‘damn’ involves paying anyone to write any kind of script. Whatever, the cupboard manages to let us dry bones. When we feel especially rich, we will pay players 1 and 2 slots and use both guns. No problem.

16.King of Fighters ’98
Probably the greatest fighting king of them (hell, it could be the greatest SNK fighting game of all), KoF 98 is a great choice when the More popular fighting games are played against players. Beaten.

17.Metal Slug
SNK’s best game, this running and gunfighting game is like Contra, if Contra isn’t really serious. There we said it. Mission completed!

18.Killer Instinct
is memorable with a system that combines the impression and satisfaction of the announcer when a successful combo is performed, or, interrupted, The killer instinct is still another welcome from Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat queue. The instinctive killer stole the battle game heart, and zones, at the same time. With the recent announcements of the updated Killer Instinct for Xbox One, wait for a new nostalgia for this fighter.

19.Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
enters the original trilogy, where players are treated to recreate their favorite battles on Hoth, Endor, Yavvin and Death Star. This arcade game is extremely dope for a number of reasons: blasters, lightasber and Bobba Fett. We played this often so we should bring it to the prom.

20.Street Fighter III
Introducing new characters (and reintroducing Chun-Li), The third impact is the most solid in the specific Street Fighter III heritage. Providing a much richer technical component for the overall outing makes the game instantly popular. It hasn’t been released in a long time, so it’s not uncommon to run through a working cabinet.

21.NFL Blitz
All the fun things about NBA Jam but on the football field. We even remember the combined closet containing both Blitz and Jam together. A football game that attracts both devotees and parishioners, Blitz can be chosen by anyone and played.

22.Tekken 3
Our choice for the best Tekken in the 90s. This classic fighter jet currently serves as a welcome palette cleanser for the Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter dichotomy that dominates the palace in the 90s. Unfortunately, it also introduced the world to Eddy Gordo. The crushed button will never be the same again.

23.Soul Calibur
with many Dreamcast ports is completely better. The arcade version isn’t too shabby, but for most Soul Calibur is one of the Dreamcast defining games. With diverse and new characters, at the time, the 8-way system, the game provided another way for fans to fight to put their money in their mouths. Our souls are still burning for this classic fighting game.

24.Time Crisis 2
guns The best light shooting game in the 90s. Stage = Stage. The massive Time Crisis 2 cabinet always has the longest rows and the brightest light. The game allows two players to play, encouraging cooperation. Shoot the guy with the briefcase. He is evil.

25 Mortal Kombat II
Death Kombat II took everything we loved about the original and magnified it about a million. It has more critical hits, more balanced fights (Oh, we’re sorry, “kombat”) and secret galore. We still love this game. Delicious.

best Simpsons are a mile away. The Simpsons video game allows you to play as Bart, Lisa, Marge and / or Homer as you battle the unofficial citizens of Springfield to rescue Maggie. A perfect four-player cabinet, ideal for getting your parents to play if they decide to stick with video games. Marge vacuum for victory.

27.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The second biggest beat game ever (yes, we said second), Turtles in Time is better than the first turtle game in every way. Better controls, better graphics, better level design, and all-in-one combination to make the second four-player game cabinet superior to its predecessor. The boss fights, also, excellent. Big Apple, 3 am for life.

28.NBA Jam
Yes, we are calling it. NBA Jam is the best arcade sports game ever. Extremely unrealistic, but playable endless titles can be heard from any corner of the arcade.

This decision does not surprise anyone who has a pulse and a love of the NBA in the Dream Team era. Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and all the others from the early 90s have been able to play in these two arcade games.

By pushing the turbo, sliding the free-throw shots, and (“Oh, me! He is on fire!”) All part of this game, it’s amazing that people still look back on it. prefer. Can not buy a bucket!

29. Street Fighter II
You cannot have a discussion about the arcade scene without posting on Street Fighter. The title of sowing seeds of competing fighters becomes what it is today. EVO 2013 showed us that with Street Fighter II, we won’t have champions like FS.EMP | Flocker and Justin Wong.

Competitive fights are defined by Capcom’s Street Fighter game series. The only reason, the only reason why Street Fighter doesn’t sit in the top position has nothing to do with its level of fun or enjoyment. There is no argument on that point. The number one position belonged to a game that pulled video games literally from the palaces to the front page of the New York Times and left a dent in the cultural awareness of video games as a means. .

30.Mortal Kombat
The mother of video game violence is a scapegoat for the decline of American youth. Senate hearings, full-page discussions in major US newspapers and one of the key contributors to the creation of the Entertainment Software Evaluation Board (ESRB), Mortal Kombat i can replace radically change the landscape of the vehicle, at least in the public domain,.

It makes ‘death’ a noisy word commonly used for video game violence that has been explained to teenagers living in arcade houses and becomes a popular pop culture reference. like the late night joke of Tonya Harding and Michael Jackson. The game itself takes a lot of time to learn and a lifetime to master, providing a completely different aesthetic and combination system to learn.

Unfortunately, for all these reasons we want to play more games.

In addition, in the end, Sub Zero’s learning of death is about the same as winning the Olympics that a strange indoor child could have at the time.

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