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You pay for some apps in the app store or you buy in-app purchases. But did you know you can make money by using apps for things like watching tv, exercising, downloading apps or as simple as taking pictures.

Check out the list of 6 best ways to make money with Android phones without your knowledge. Try out the apps you feel will be right for you and start making money.

Cointiply is a mico task site that allows you to earn free Bitcoin to perform tasks such as:

  • Gaming
  • Install apps
  • Survey completed
  • View advertisement

and many more.You will earn Satoshi (Bitcoin Fractions) for every task you complete. You can further convert this earned Bitcoin into hard cash using these websites:

  • WazirX (For India)
  • CoinBase (For a global audience)

Their Android app makes it easy for you or anyone in that matter to enjoy the concept of making money from Android apps.

Swagbucks allows you to complete a series of activities that allow you to make money. They are available online as a web application and also as a mobile app. Answer SB – Survey that Pay Pay that you can use on your Android phone.

Here are a few activities that you can do on this Android money-making app.

  • Survey
  • Answer the question
  • Gaming
  • Watch video

Survey daily.You will earn points named SB SB, which can be redeemed for $ 3 – $ 25 gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart and Starbucks.

This is an interesting Android application that can be used by anyone from India. Here you can choose tasks from different tasks and complete it to make money.You need to create an account with Facebook and verify your mobile number to be paid better than others. . Just join you will earn points.

4.Perk app
Perk is a popular platform that offers various ways for you to complete tasks on your Android phone and earn reward points.

You can watch videos, play games, visit websites, search the web and other activities to make money. You can use gift cards for different stores including target, PayPal, Walmart to name a number.

What I like most about the Perk ecosystem is that Perk.tv lets you make money by watching videos on Android phones. This is the easiest way to make money from your Android phone.

The MooCash mobile application allows you to make money with your Android mobile phone or tablet just by using a screen lock. This free screen lock tool rewards users with unlocking their mobile phone screen, by swiping left to get a discount.

Users who earn money can be exchanged for cash via PayPal or Google Rewards Cards as they swipe to receive the offer. To request an offer, they must download the advertised app or watch a short video.

For 2,000 coins you can exchange $ 2 via Paypal. You can also earn gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, and Google.

6.Google’s Opinion Rewards
From the company that owns the Android operating system, a great application called Google Opinion Awards is only for Android.

The app gives you Google Play reward but not cash, you can only redeem on Google services such as downloading Android Apps, Music, Movies, Books, etc. from the Play store.

After you install and register, Google offers you a few 20-30 surveys per week to complete. You need to give your opinions and reviews about the products, which will be given to companies for insights. Credit varies from a few 0.1 cents to 2 dollars. But the main point to note is that this service is from Google that you can trust and try with your eyes closed.

7.Make money and get healthy
Have you ever wondered how you can stay healthy and get paid for it? Yes, this application is called Pact. Available for both Android and iOS, the app works if you set goals based on your capabilities and you achieve them, you will earn some money with your Android Phone. But if you miss goals, you’ll need to pay other users who are achieving their goals. Sound fair ?? .. Well if you think you’re lazy, you might want to stay away from this;).

8.ESPN Streak for the Cash
Like above, this app is a lottery. Available on both Android and iOS. Here when you win, you win BIG. Each week you need to predict the winner of a sports competition and the person with the right prediction will win a grand prize.
So if you think you have the necessary skills to predict the outcome of a match. Do not let your knowledge be squandered. Compete in anticipation to win over 1.2 million dollars in prizes annually. You can check out the Android Application here.

9.Watching TV or listening to music
If you don’t have the ability to predict or match, but can you watch them ?. Yup !!!. Download Viggle.
This app allows you to gain instant rewards when just watching TV shows or listening to music albums. Available for both Android and iOS, simply open this app and use it to recognize any of your favorite music or TV shows. You will get instant bonus points.

In addition, there is a feature called Viggle Live, where you can earn points by answering questions or polls while the show is currently live. Later you can exchange these points for a gift card but on a limited number.

10.Downloading apps
Make Money is an interesting Android application that will pay you to download apps. Free or paid (higher salary). In addition, the application has alternatives such as watching videos or completing surveys to earn money. Because of the low salary, you can consider this if you have a lot of free time and a good Internet connection to download apps and ads.

11.Taking Photos on Android & make money
Having a smartphone ?. Great. That is all you need for this to get you some money. Scoopshot will pay photographers at any event happening in that area. These photos will in turn be used by journalists and media websites from small to large scale media.

From what we think, the idea is great, and you should be ready at any time with this. You may never know when something is happening in front of you, or you are going to a big event. You can download the Android version here.

We have tried to include some key and easy-to-use techniques for using your Android phone. If you would like to share any tips or techniques, let us know in your comments. Do not forget to share this post with other Android users, they will thank you later.

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